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“This CD was recently evaluated by me and I believe it is one of the best soloist performances of film music in recent years. Louise DiTullio's flute playing is flawless and the choice of film music is outstanding... Because of its excellence I am designating this CD as Editor's Choice, Best of the Month. It fully deserves any accolades it might receive.”


- Roger Hall, Film Music Review, November 2010  

Note: The Hollywood Flute CD earned Editor's Choice - Best Of The Month October 2010


“DiTullio knows how to spin a phrase, always with a gorgeous tone, beautifully varied vibrato, and flawless intonation, and her impressive technique can handle any challenge... This recording satisfies nostalgia for some great movie scores' but DiTullio's performance constitutes its main appeal. She is one of the few Hollywood studio musicians whose name deserves to be known to a wider public, and this CD cements her prominence. Her musicianship provides a commendable model, and developing flutists will be especially attracted to ‘The Hollywood Flute'.”  

Leonard L. Garrison from his review of The Hollywood Flute CD. Journal of the Society for American Music (2010), 4: 536- 537 Cambridge University Press  - Full review available online  ©The Society for American  Music 2010


“DiTullio’s playing is simply magical and one quickly hears why so many of Hollywood’s finest composers turned and continue to turn to her to interpret their music. ...Easily one of the best film music compilations this year!“

Steven A. Kennedy -  a review of The Hollywood Flute CD at



“... Louise DiTullio, one of the world's most accomplished flautists and a fixture in Hollywood, having performed on more than 1,100 motion pictures. The Hollywood Flute contains gorgeous music from John Williams' Hook, John Barry's Dances with Wolves, Danny Elfman's Charlotte's Web, and Jerry Goldsmith's Sleeping with the Enemy and Rudy, in addition to several non- film pieces. But for me, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is the indisputable treasure of the CD ... a work I've longed to hear since I learned of its existence, years ago. It has not disappointed.”   

John Takis, a freelance writer specializing in film music analysis writing on his blog


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“After listening to this CD, you will forever listen for the melodious flute that so enhances movie sound tracks. Every track on this CD is a treat...This is a very special CD.”

“This is an incredible CD! Gorgeous flute playing beautiful music. This is truly a sit back and listen, light a candle, have a glass of wine, and relax CD. ...This one is particularly special because it features many of the flute solos I've enjoyed listening to in films over the years. A definite MUST buy! “

“This is about the greatest CD that I've ever heard. Beautiful music, beautiful performance. I recommend highly. Ms. DiTullio performs so well that you just want to sit back and let the music flow all around you. Well worth owning.”

















" is the flute solo, intertwined within Joey’s theme, exquisitely rendered by virtuoso flutist Louise Di Tullio, that is just otherworldly. Pensive, wistful, and contemplative, it extends a reserved felicitous eloquence that speaks to all of us, a resounding voice for Joey."

Arlene R Weiss - A review of the musical score of the movie "War Horse," by John Williams in




“In the very front rank among the world’s great flutists”

Composer John Williams

“...benefiting from a variety of instrumental treatments, especially a beautiful romantic one for flute ... with Louise DiTullio—one of Hollywood’s greatest instrumentalists—providing a lovely, expressive solo performance.“

Online liner notes at for the CD box set of Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Ron Jones Project